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I love the ministry I’m in because I have always loved children – they are the most amazing little people! You never know what they’re going to do or say next; they are funny, smart, creative, and often have great insights. I also feel strongly that we need to reach children while they are young – before they get messed up by the world’s influence.

The most significant influences in my life were my parents and working with Child Evangelism Fellowship during my teen and young adult years. My parents were great examples of selfless service to God and to others, and I watched and learned from them as they worked with kids while I was growing up. CEF taught me teaching methods and skills and, as an extremely shy person, gave me many opportunities to experience God’s strength as He used me despite my weaknesses. I am still struggling to learn that lesson, but my life verse that I turn to repeatedly is 2 Corinthians 12:9 – He said unto me, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…” My father, who was a Baptist Minister, led me to the Lord at the age of seven; though I was raised practically in the church building, and there was never a time that I didn’t know about God, he helped me to see my own need of a Savior. As a result, I believe wholeheartedly that with adequate teaching even a young child can be genuinely saved.

On a personal note, my hobbies include puzzle and word games, reading (I love a good novel or mystery!), crafts and sewing, singing with the radio (when I’m alone), and occasionally playing the piano (when no one is around). My greatest talent is sewing, which I learned from trial and error and watching my mother.

Something most people don't know about me is that I am slightly obsessive compulsive. Something just made me say that.

My Ministries: Children's Ministry