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Parenting is Gospel Ministry - Paul Tripp video

May 22, 2022  
Today, we wrapped up our Loving Each Other series by watching a very good video from Paul Tripp titled Parenting Is Gospel Ministry. You can watch the video on YouTube by going to this URL: Today's Music: My Tribute, Jesus At the Center, You Are Good, Breathe, and Shout To the Lord.

Our Story Through Scripture

May 15, 2022  
Today, Mark T. shares about his missionary work and experiences for our Missions Conference weekend. Due to many musicians being gone, we did not have live music this morning.

Love One Another

May 8, 2022  
Today's message is Love One Another. This was the second message in a two week series, Loving Each Other. Today's music: Death Was Arrested, Hungry, Cornerstone and I exalt Thee.
Andy Minch

Love Each Other Deeply

May 1, 2022  
Today, Andy started a 2 week series on Loving Each Other Deeply. Listen as he talks about the different kinds of love. Today's music: Child Of Love, How Great Is Our God, Awesome God and Revelation Song.
Andy Minch

Resurrection Sunday - Living for Jesus

April 17, 2022  
Andy speaks on baptism and living for Jesus and we had a baby dedication for Eleanor,and four people get baptized at church today! Today's Music: O Praise the Name (Anastasis), Glorious Day, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, and Death Was Arrested
Andy Minch

Mercy Is Love In Action

April 10, 2022  
Marc Helf looks at what causes mercy to be needed or required, and shows how we can apply the teachings on mercy within Scripture. We also have a sad farewell as we lovingly send Betty Love into the next phase of her ministry which takes her out west. Today's Music: Child Of Love, Stand In Your Love, and It Is well With My Soul, followed by a special Peace Medley by Joanna Glenn and also a recording of an original song of Betty's titled "Can You Hear".

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