Worship Ministry

We participate in the yearly Community Praise night that includes many area churches.
Community Praise Night where many churches come together to worship God.

Leader: Joanna Glenn   

The worship ministry at Sauk Valley Community Church not just about leading in worship music, but teaching a lifestyle of worship.

One of the ways that the two-fold worship ministry plays out is by teaching during services via emails, via the website, and every means possible. Worship is a lifestyle of surrender to the God who has ransomed our souls. So our ministry is not about music first; it’s about teaching and inspiring worship.

The second part of our ministry is more practical. We have approximately 4 worship teams that rotate playing and singing from the stage in the leading of our music/worship. We also give opportunities for those gifted in the arts, in dance/movement, drama, writing, videos, singing or playing an instrument, (and other art forms that haven’t even been named yet) to bring honor and glory to God in our worship gatherings. We also have other venues where these talents can be used, but the opportunities are mainly in our services. There is also the technical side of the worship ministry and they are the ones who facilitate the art forms and bring clarity. Those are the people who run the audio, provide the media, the lighting, the filming, and any other form of “behind the scenes” work that makes all of the art forms come together. And so together with the Creator, a sound or an image is created that brings attention to God above all else. That is our desire, for He is worthy of all of our talents for they are His to begin with.
There are many opportunities in this church body to use your creative gifting, so just contact me.