Sauk Valley Community Church

If God Chose a New Year's Resolution for Me

January 1, 2017

Andy shares on how we are not called to follow resolutions, but rather, we are called to a way of life that knows no limits, no boundaries and no borders. Also at the beginning of the service, we did a presentation and prayer for Dave and Beth White as God is taking them to a different area. We have been very blessed to have them with us for so many years.

Today's Music: Son of God, Son of Man (Wes German and Andrew Harshman special), Love Knows No End, Praise the Name (Anastasis), No Longer Slaves, Jesus' Blood and Jailbreak.

Speaker: Andy Minch

Andy Minch serves as an elder at the church and is on the Pastoral Care team and Website Team. Andy brings his teachings in a way that makes scripture very applicable in our lives.